Thursday, February 26, 2009


You’ve seen him on Ravelry. You’ve wondered where he would turn up next. Guess what?! He’s coming to Yorkshire Yarns THIS Tuesday!

Joe Raffino’s a Performer. He’s a KILLER knitter, and most amazingly – he is a MAN who carries needles….legally!
Joe is married to Jonelle Raffino who heads-up
SWTC (Southwest Trading Co.) ..home of Tofustie Yarn.

Joe promises a lot of freebie yarn wonders and other SWTC accessories for give-away goodie bags! And check this out.
He will also bring gorgeous garments in all the yarns AND he’s doing a fun fashion show. (This you’ve gotta see.) Rumor has it chicks really dig ‘im.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 3rd

TIME: 5:30-7pm

WHERE: Yorkshire Yarns of course!

SNACKS?: Are you kidding? Heck-to-the-yes. This is happening around dinner time. There will be enough snacks to keep you content. Come straight from work. We’ll take care of you.

Don’t miss out on the goodies and the opportunity to special order yarn & patterns for your next project!

See? I told you there’s a HUGE advantage to signing up for email, didn’t I? YOU got to hear about this FIRST.