Thursday, December 18, 2008

ALL DAY knitting/crochet marathon THIS Saturday!

Let's get 'er done this Saturday!

Saturday marks only 5 days left till Christmas. We all know there's nothing like giving a gift made w/your own hands. The only thing that could put a damper on it is presenting half done with a promise to finish it ....."some day".  Yeah right. *smirk*

Tell ya what. Come to the all day knitting/crochet marathon this Saturday and Yorkie Yarns and I promise you'll get at least one project done. We'll have fun, fast and gorgeous 2-hour project ideas for you. Or bring your almost done sweater, hat, etc and we'll encourage you to FINISH. :-)

There will be coffee, tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, snacks and lunch. See? Now you've no excuse but to GET 'ER DONE. I'll ask you one little favor. Please RSVP so I can know how much Starbucks to brew. A'ight?

Be sure to check out the Flat Feet SOCK OF THE MONTH Christmas colors. They're simply wild!

We got in our Addi Turbo Click sets and they're aaaaaaaall gone. I've ordered 5 more sets which are up for adoption. If you want to secure your set we'll take prepayment to make sure you get yours 1st. They're $150 for 10 sizes and 3 connecting chords. They even throw in a "brag pin" you can wear on your lapel to tell the world, "I'm all that because I've got a click set." :-)


I've got some quick gift ideas for you!

How about purchasing some beginner knitting/crochet classes for the person who's always wanted to learn?
A the Vogue Stitchtionary series?
Or you could get that coveted Addi needle set she/he's always wanted.

See you at the party!