Monday, June 25, 2007

Thank you :-)

Thank you to all who came out to join us for our Grandest Opening Celebration. We had a ball!

The shop is seeing some regular faces and daily meeting new knitters & crocheters as well. The grand opening weekend brought folks out in masses. We had shoppers from Bremerton to Marysville!

Well, I suppose you're wondering if Al the Alpaca showed up. Not only did he show-up but he brought a buddy with him! Yep. We had 2 alpaca chillin' on the grassy knoll on the east side of the shop.

It was wild. I was working in the shop when, all of a sudden, I heard children squealing, hooting, hollering and laughing. I looked outside to see our 2 furry friends crossing the parking lot with Eva from Fair Meadows Farm of Auburn, WA. Man, were they CUTE!

Gingerly, I approached our furry buddies to find they didn't much appreciate hands. Eva instructed me to touch noses with them instead. I did. It was successful...for a second. Apparently, Al didn't much appreciate my perfume and laid a big sneezer right in my face. Yep. For the remainder of the day I had Al ick mixed with my women's Armani fragrance. All I could do was crack-up!

Linda Wells joined us on Saturday and spun for several hours. It was simply beautiful. Linda is a master at her craft and even better with people as she explained the art of spinning. As interest grows we hope to have Linda back to teach classes.

To all the folks who signed-up for our email news letter, again, thank you. We'll update you on upcoming events & sales on a regular basis. If you've not sign-up for our list you're invited to do so at and join-in on all the buzz and excitement at Yorkshire Yarns.

Keep an eye on this blog for more information about YY!

God bless~~