Thursday, May 17, 2007

What next???

I opened during the slowest season for knitting. No worries. That's a VERY good thing. This gives me a chance to really buckle-down and get ready for fall madness and winter rush. I'm preparing samples and kits for you to make easier decisions during the gift giving season.

I just received several copies of "One Skein Wonders" edited by Judith Durant. I love it because the patterns really call for ONE SKEIN. I worked-up this little number last night. AND it's the 1st pink thing I've ever knitted! This is called the "Yorkshire Tweed Beret". Get it???? *smirk*

In the meantime, you should check-out the red, white and blue felted bag designed just for the up-coming patriotic holidays. Fushia, our resident purse designer will teach her 1st felting class on the 28th of May at 1pm. She plans to instruct students on how to make the ever-popular button bag. Interested? Go to and email me. Also you can call to make your reservation or just drop by the shop! (253)589-YARN. <-- I know...corny but it works. *grin*