Monday, May 21, 2007

Say WHAT????

I was pondering some of the silliest questions I've ever heard from people. Then it dawned on me. I may have issued such a question myself thus providing hours of entertainment to strangers everywhere. Oh well. It's like the old song says, "Everybody plays the fool... sometimes".

Anyway, here are a couple of my favs of recent.

I was standing in line at a local Subway shop when I heard a customer ask an employee, "What size is the foot-long sandwich?"

While working in a yarn shop a fellow knitter was asked by a customer, "I see this yarn is made of mohair. What kind of animal is a Mo? "

My all-time favorite came from the love of my life. My husband seriously asked me, "Why do y'all knit and crochet? Is it to save money?"

You've gotta be kidding me.

I've since interviewed many yarners asking this question. My friend, Kellie insists knitting does save money. She said, "It's cheaper than therapy."

For the most part the answers are always consistent. It's agreed that we simply LOVE the craft. We knit/crochet because we can. We can complete something w/our own hands, time, love and We brag to one another proudly showing our latest accomplishment knowing we'll receive praise and encouragement from kindred spirits. It's our own way of being an adult while going back to childhood and saying, "Hey! Look what I did!"

The only way I could truly help my DH to understand was for me to my love for yarn to his love for woodworking. He still held a blank stare. :-) I quoted a recent Qwest commercial at that point. "Hey chill! You'll get it." ....eventually. .....maybe.


So, Glen reads this post and insists he asked no such thing. I'm a fair person. I'll post his response. Check it out.

"ruh roh! I'm afraid I sound stupid! When the heck did I ever ask that? I don't think I've ever thought it might save money!!!!!!!! Remember I'm the one who always paid the yarn bills!

And why would I give a blank stare when comparing it with woodworking? I think I suggested the comparison myself!

just looking for truth in advertising..." comment.